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2:44Saskatchewan officer killed during traffic stop of stolen truck: RCMP
Saskatchewan officer killed during traffic stop of stolen truck: RCMPदृश्य 4.8K2 घंटे पहले
1:26G7 summit: Leaders laugh at Queen's joke about family photo
G7 summit: Leaders laugh at Queen's joke about family photoदृश्य 7Kदिन पहले
2:09Queen Elizabeth II marks official birthday with military parade
9:33Van life means freedom for some and economic necessity for others
1:53Euro 2020 kicks off with colourful fireworks above Stadio Olympico


  • Biden doesn't even know Trudeau's name. He calls him that Prime Canadian guy.

  • Too many ppl in that country. & government corruption too

  • Lock down,,, Lock down,,, Lock down...

  • 💔💔💔💙🖤💙💔💔💔

  • Why cant I read comments?

  • Heartbreaking..😔

  • Rip

  • nuremburg trials for these maniacs

  • Worst type of police anyways lmao

  • General public !

  • Trudeau is a continuing embarrassment. Can't wait until he is gone and done with.

  • human rights law will run after the mayors all over Canada. im sure safety for the people in vans will come first. no one should have to go on the pavement because their van is illegal overnight.

  • Aileen wournos

  • .

  • All far rights supremacists are terrorists.

  • Condolences to the Officer's family. Tragic & needless. I am curious why no names or pictures of the suspects/arrested have been given? This could have been another TERRORIST ATTACK.

  • May Allah bless them all in the Jannatul Firdaus Ameen.

  • I hate aericans when they come Canada I will give them the finger. Other Provinces are allowed

  • im for the neutrality of religion in public space but! i wont agree with violence act like this ! they should retrieve the murderer!

  • Well with Canada slowly becoming Chinada I’m not surprised. As long as the Chinese foreign money keeps flowing in, they will continue this nasty habit of buying up many properties, splitting it into small portions, and renting/selling it for exorbitant prices. This raises the overall cost of living. Just go to Vancouver or GTA to see the damage done. Small old single garage crap homes going for 1.5 million dollars. Ridiculous. The funny thing is many countries in Asia prevent foreigners from buying property/land as a way to keep prices low for their citizens. Yet in Canada, we provide property with open arms to anyone that waves money. The China money has done extensive damage in Australia where they have raised the cost of living so much, by buying up land. Canada needs to learn quick, and stop this nonsense. Otherwise the next generation won’t be able to a afford a roof over their head.

  • Please also pray for duty officer.

  • Im.appauled by this we all bleed red and we have one God, my condolences to all

  • Poor guy, pretty young to lose his life, as it's been always said Canada must proceed death penalty legislation for criminals , it's unfair to the victims and their families 👪😢

  • Satanist all of you👍👍🤔

  • I feel a great and deep sorrow for this beautiful family. I hope that one day the son will be ok, I grieve for him and his family.

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  • 😔😔

  • That was wrong.bigtime.i pray for them for there loss

  • God Bless and RIP.

  • May his soul rest in peace. Sleep in peace. Law enforcement are and continue to be our defense against criminals. Can't imagine this world without Law enforcement. I salute the fallen officer and his family. Sleep in Peace brother

  • God rest their beautiful souls love Rita


  • While responding to the call of duty, eh? Imagine that, getting killed while takin' a sh.... =|

  • PNP Canada is here

  • Prayers and hugs- cannot imagine- so very very sorry

  • imagine if they did this kind of report for all the people the RCMP have killed. One RCMP, 215 indigenous children.

  • Very nice sar...Russia Putin sar...

  • Hahaha... Maybe that guy is a teachers pet in classroom.... In Canada the PM eats chocolate in parlimen but in other countries PM eat milions of dollar of state fund...

  • it's cheap, only $20 a does, don't be a greedy Canadian, spread some love.

  • "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfkr". It's Texas guns for everyone. What could possibly go wrong ?

  • Stop this tyranny.

  • Wallowing in victimhood

  • "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." -Matthew 5:9 ⚫⚫🔵⚫⚫

  • Lets shut down the news and see all the world problems go away. End this idiocy.

  • Lol stfu

  • Canada and the US are each the other's largest trading partner. The Huawei CFO women's arrest was year's ago and her pardon may help the 2 random Canadians in bondage. Win win. Xie xie.

  • मां

  • नमस्ते प्रंणाम

  • 💔

  • Ah Greg Czar friends showed up on 6th street I see!!!

  • CRINGE, it is embarrassing to be a Canadian

  • Great opportunity for Canada

  • Hey Madison and Raynor. What's up weirdo's ? You guys rock !!!!

  • Give it to us true. What did Biden do to embarrass the USA this time??

    • @Mathieu Phillips the world is in a sad state with 🤡🤡 in such powerful positions!!

    • An equally valid question: What did Trudeau do to embarrass Canada this time??

  • 120 69

  • Open the border for vaccinated travellers. Enough fooling around. Announce the reopening.

    • @Echte Brabander thats is just what will be a start. Need to start somewhere. Eventually everyone will be able to go even wiyhout the vaccine. But we have to start somewhere.

    • Why vaccinated sheeple you fool?

  • Sup

  • DEFUND the government. They should have NO SUCH POWERS. fire all these TRAITORS and put them on trial for crimes against humanity! Violation of the Nuremberg code!

  • We can always live in peace with all other religions but most of the governments want us to hate each other and kill meanwhile they are busy filling up their bank accounts.

  • DEFUND the government. They should have NO SUCH POWERS. fire all these TRAITORS and put them on trial for crimes against humanity! Violation of the Nuremberg code!

  • This is what we reap for being so soft on crime these days and arresting pastors instead

  • God bless his family and friends. To his wife , no words will suffice. God speed to heal your broken ❤️

  • Capital punishment for them

  • This is political karma for calling a white person a terrorist for running over the Muslim family. Reality is he was not a terrorist but had schizophrenia. Now will truedope claim that this is a terrorist attack?

  • That's OK, for those believing conspiracies and do not want to adhere to future lockdowns, no prob bro; sign a waiver giving away your rights to be attended at a public hospital in the ICU in case of getting sick, with no access to a ventilator and be criminally liable for any death occurred because of the passing of the virus to others.

  • mean whle in Manitoba communist canada.. they are hunting for a pastor.. threating a church with a million dollar covid fine..

  • 3

  • R.I.P Young blood 🙏🇨🇦

  • This is so tragic, a deep would in the hearts of his loved ones... can't imagine the sorrow, emptiness they are going throught right now...

  • It’s so wrong seeing a female RCMP. The force needs to be disbanded immediately

  • so gay

  • blm killed him

  • RIP Constable💔

  • where is kim jung un

  • How many more "variants" before the sheep wake up and see what's going on here...

  • Sympathies to the family, such a senseless thing to happen.